The CLF group remembers Giuseppe Neri and Uber Montermini through two projects connected to training activities.
Thanks to the commitment of CLF, the CIFI (College of Italian Railway Engineers) is able, indeed, to set the "Giuseppe Neri Scholarship" and the "Uber Montermini Scholarship

Thesis in memory of Giuseppe Neri
Best Engineer Thesis on a topic dealing with the railway infrastructure

  The void that Giuseppe Neri has left in the world of Italian railway works is great.
The sign of his commitment, of his tenacity in pursuing development objectives and technological growth focused on quality and safety, can be found all along the endless kilometers of tracks.
A long lasting and steady commitment.
In 1995 he was appointed president of the cooperative and in 1999, when CLF became a Spa, he was elected president of CLF board of directors.
Giuseppe Neri took care of the development of CLF with passion and competence for almost 25 years.
In his daily commitment, always pushing for skills developmente and people growth, he leaded CLF to major investments in new technologies, in new machines to make track work more effective and safe.
Thesis in memory of Uber Montermini
Best Engineering Thesis on a topic dealing with the optimization and innovations of the railway network maintenance processes, including the High Speed ​​network, as well.

Uber Montermini
    Uber Montermini was the production manager of CLF for 35 years and his death, that has occurred on 31st August 2016, left us all with a void that could be hardly filled.
Uber joined CLF in 1976 as a construction site technician, immediately demonstrating those great qualities that led him to quickly become a site manager, getting, in those years, to a deep knowledge of railway superstructures and of operational techniques for carrying out the works.
In 1981 he was appointed director of production and, since then, thanks to his professionalism, competence and natural humanity, he has become a point of reference both within the company and in the Italian railway superstructure sector as well.
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