Mission and values

CLF is aware of the contribution that with its own work, sense of responsibility and moral integrity, gives to the economic and civil growth of the countries in which it operates.

CLF believes in the value of work and considers legality, fairness and transparency of the operate core prerequisites for the achievement of its economic, productive and social goals.

CLF defines its main objectives:

  • Full compliance with the contractual requirements governing the relation with the Client;
  • Commitment to the protection of health and safety of all CLF workers, including the external personnel, in order to prevent any type of professional injury and disease;
  • Protection of the environment in which operates and pollution prevention;
  • Respect of the laws and regulations in force where it operates;
  • Protection of the corporate assets, including machineries and equipment;
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

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