Our History

In 1945 three cooperatives operating in the track equipment field were born in the area between Bologna and Reggio Emilia and in the mid-1970s they decided to join their forces.  On the 1st January 1976 CLF, at that time called Cooperativa Lavori Ferroviaria was born and since then it was destined to become one of the main national player in the field of track equipment.

In the following three years an impressive investment program was developed. It will bring CLF to the forefront among the national companies operating in that industry.

In 1996, CLF was awarded its first work abroad in Poland, tracing from that moment the route for what would have been the strong international commitment and the development strategy of CLF.

NIn 1999, the Cooperativa Lavori Ferroviari was trasformed into Costruzioni Linee Ferroviarie SPA. The corporate structure is formed by Unieco and the Dutch company Strukton Rail.

With the implementation of the High Speed project at the beginning of the 2000s, CLF SpA launches a new investment plan aimed at the acquisition of the most modern technologies needed for the realization of high speed lines, strengthening its position on the Italian market as a technologically cutting-edge company.

In 2010, with the acquisition of Sifel SpA, a company specialized in railway installations, CLF confirms itself as a global company in the railway infrastructure, consolidating its presence in an increasingly significant way. 

In 2013 Strukton Rail acquires the majority stake in CLF SpA, which since that moment joins the Strukton group.